Nine-mile stretch of Stevens Canyon Road will remain closed

ASHFORD, Wash. – On September 26, 2022, the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) reported results from an inspection of one of the bridges along Stevens Canyon Road. Inspectors identified structural damage to the bridge and deemed it unsafe for two-lane travel. As a result of this inspection, Stevens Canyon Road between Stevens Creek and Box Canyon will be closed to all vehicle, foot, and bicycle traffic for the remainder of the season. This emergency closure to ensure public safety is a change from the previously published public access schedule.

Stevens Canyon Road is the only road inside the park that connects the west side of the park (Paradise and Longmire) to the east side (Ohanapecosh and White River). A detour has been in place since the beginning of the summer due to ongoing construction in the area. Visitors must drive around the park via State Route (SR) 12 through Morton and Packwood to travel between these areas.

Due to ongoing work in the area, Stevens Canyon Road between Backbone Ridge and Stevens Creek will be closed to all through traffic from October 10 to 14. Box Canyon to Backbone Ridge will reopen October 15 and 16.

Mount Rainier National Park staff will implement the annual closure of Stevens Canyon Road on October 17, 2022. Through October 31, 2022, contractors will be working between Stevens Creek and Backbone Ridge to replace and repair stone guard walls, drainage grates, and the road surface. Access in the construction zone (including vehicle, bicycle, and foot traffic) along Stevens Canyon Road is prohibited. This is a multi-year project that is anticipated to last through mid-2024.

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