Rare Carnivores of the Cascades | Peak Perspectives:125th Anniversary Speaker Series

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Location:  Paradise Inn Great Room

As one of the last strongholds of the Cascade red fox, Mount Rainier National Park also hosts a portion of the returning wolverine population in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. To mark the park’s 125th Anniversary, we’re honored to host Jocelyn Atkins, Founder and Executive Director of the Cascades Carnivore Project (CCP), for a discussion. Over the past decade, CCP has collaborated with the park, conducting scientific studies on these rare, high-elevation carnivores to assess their conservation status and understand the impact of climate change on their populations.

The CCP’s efforts have yielded significant results, including documenting the first wolverine kits at Mount Rainier National Park in over a century and providing vital data leading to the listing of the Cascade red fox as Endangered in Washington. Through collecting carnivore scats along trails, utilizing specially designed camera monitoring stations, and conducting DNA analyses, the project aims to unravel the behaviors of these carnivores within the park and ensure their long-term survival.

Additionally, Jocelyn will share insights into the CCP’s successful community science program, offering opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in studying rare carnivores in the park and beyond